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Learn the basic framework of creating a compelling pitch and presentation of every tech conference organizer's dream.

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No matter if you're just getting started as a public speaker or you've got a few tech talks under your belt, Public Speaking for Software Engineers will have you covered.


A step-by-step approach to crafting your next or any future tech talk


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Who's behind Developer Recipes?

Hey there! My name is Rachel Ober and I am the lady behind Developer Recipes and the course Public Speaking for Software Engineers.

I am based in Brooklyn, NY with over 10 years of experience building web applications. I spend a lot of my free time learning new things and sharing that knowledge with others. Someone once described me as “a true renaissance woman,” as I have a wide and varied interest in many topics ranging from my craft in software engineering to my passion for creating handmade cards and scrapbooking pages.

I am passionate about encouraging people to own their expertise and in 2013 helped found the non-profit organization Write/Speak/Code with other women in the software engineering field. We are proud to offer a yearly conference for women and non-binary people to gain the skills necessary to excel in their careers.

In 2013 I founded a local chapter of the non-profit workshop RailsBridge in New York City where we offer free workshops that aspire to lower the barriers to programming education by offering free meals and childcare during a class taught by passionate volunteers. As of early 2019, we have run over 35 workshops which include the free workshops to learn Ruby on Rails as well as sessions aimed at software engineers who are interested in learning how to teach programming to new students.

In 2018, I formed Developer Recipes, Inc. to concentrate on working on missions that are close to my heart. I divide my time between software development and coaching software engineers to help encourage healthy career development into a full life.

Nice to meet you!

Rachel Ober